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[VIDEO] Vegan Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches (Zero Added Sugar!)

Written by Caroline DiNicola Fawley
[VIDEO] Vegan Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches (Zero Added Sugar!)

Have a sweet tooth but not a fan of junk foods? This whole food plant based treat is: 

  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Whole food
  • Oil-free
  • Refined sugar–free
  • Zero preservatives
  • Zero chemicals
  • 100% healthy

Chilled creamy, peanut buttery goodness sandwiched between two soft-baked MamaSezz Not-A-Cookies. Haven't tried these bad boys yet? Add them to your next bundle or hop on a cook subscription


4 MamaSezz Not-A-Cookies
2 frozen bananas
1 Tablespoon of peanut butter
Just a splash of vanilla extract
Enjoy non-dairy milk for blending 


1. Blend everything together but the Not-a-Cookies in a blender of food processor until cream 

2. Freeze banana mixture for a few hours

3. Scoop onto cookies and press

4. Store for up to two months 




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