Lose weight, fit into your favorite clothes again, and LOVE your food.

The real reason you can't lose weight plus a plan and the meals to help you lose the weight for good.



How to ditch diets forever,
drop the pounds without feeling
starved and never ever worry
about your weight again with the
magic of this simple program and
whole plant-based foods.

1. You will lose the weight. Average weight loss for one month 11-17lbs

2. You will learn what foods trigger you and gain the tools to unhook from a lifetime of bad habits. The physical change is rapid. If you follow this plan for a month you will reset your body--perhaps for the first time in years to your natural weight.

3. Good-bye cravings. You will no longer be pushed around by cravings. Thinking about food and what you should or shouldn't eat will no longer consume your days.

Food will not control you.

You will find, like a newborn baby, that you know when you are hungry and you know when you are full. You will recognize and rediscover your original healthy relationship to food. Even if it was so long ago you don't remember it.


Ron M.

5 months Since changing my diet, I've reaped the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle; to date, I've lost 50 pounds and 3 pant sizes while lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol. If I could tell you one thing it is don’t wait. You don’t have to get sicker or keep suffering. Just change the way you eat.

Mindy C.

I've lost 65 pounds!!
This is the most free I've ever felt from food issues. I enjoy eating without guilt and shame. I've unhooked from the addictive foods that were making me gain weight and feel out of control. I can't believe I suffered so long before finding this program.
I'm lighter, physically and emotionally. It is an unbelievable feeling!

Lisa M.

45 days When I put together a before and after picture of myself, it made me cry with gratitude. I look more like me! I feel more like me! My clothes fit me again. I’m having creative ideas and impulses again. I’m feeling my life-purpose again.

The real reason you may not be losing weight has nothing to do with willpower or motivation.

Your brain may be blocking you from losing weight.

When I first read about the science behind why it is so hard to lose weight and unhook from overeating it radically changed how I looked at weight loss.

Common factors that cause weight gain are a type of insatiable hunger (mindlessly eating and even when full, not feeling like you've eaten enough) and overwhelming cravings sugar and flour based foods.

Have you ever thought "Why don't I have any willpower? Why can't I stop overeating?"

The standard American diet rewires our brains to work against us. By creating a perfect storm of hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances that make us sick, hungry, and discouraged.

What may be happening in your brain? Here is the very short version.

Leptin Resistance.
Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain that it has had enough to eat.

Dopamine downregulation:
Dopamine, known as the feel good hormone and neurotransmitter. In a down regulation the brain thins out dopamine receptors in a response to overload.

The brain is basically being blocked from reading the leptin signals (I've eaten enough) and dopamine receptors (I'm happy and feel good ) have thinned out so more stimulus is needed to feel normal.

What does this mean?

You are working incredibly hard to lose weight, and your brain is not able to be on board. The cards are stacked against you.

The good news is you can reverse this. By flooding your body with whole food plant-based nutrients, eliminating processed sugar, flour and adding structure to your meal times.

It may sound like a lot of work and at first it is more energy. But it is not nearly as much work or energy as you have put into struggling with your weight all these years and diets that don't work.

How amazing to finally, finally, be done with the spirit crushing mantras.. "I've got to lose 20 lbs" , "I've got to get back to working out" or the ironic ,"I've got to go back to the crazy diet I did last year and lost 20lbs " the diet that obviously didn't work because you gained the weight back.

This program is designed to give you lifelong freedom from diets and weight issues. Follow your personalized program and allow your body to heal and the weight to drop off for good.

Your Simple Personalized Program

Your Weight Loss program includes

  • MamaSezz prepared whole food plant-based products for breakfast , lunch and dinner and snacks. (21-28 servings) Delivered weekly for one month.
  • Weekly meal plan and grocery list. You will know what to eat and when. For some people having a meal plan schedule to follow can feel scary or restrictive.
    Studies show that people make over 200 food decisions a day. The unprecedented access to food choices is overwhelming and consumes way to much brain energy. Deciding what to eat or what not to eat often requires too much of our limited willpower.
    Studies show that having a plan actually gives you immense freedom and will help you unhook from destructive eating behavior.
  • A custom support system designed to help you succeed. We are here to help you every step of the way.
  • The information, tools and support to keep it going beyond one month.

    A lot will happen for you in one month. You will lose weight and your body and brain will begin to heal. Many people report that it is life changing. Also included in your package are the tools to keep it going.

What is required of you?

  • That you follow your meal plan and eat your meals and snacks as directed. See more about your Weight Loss bundle here.
  • Take this program one day at a time. You will be letting go of old behaviors and eating whole foods. Be open and enjoy the food and the small daily steps we provide for you that will produce profound big changes in your weight and health.
  • You will get daily emails (takes 3 minutes to read), and we ask that you respond to them. (takes about 1- 2 minutes).
  • Sign in to the private Facebook Group. You don't have to post, but you will find a non-judgemental supportive group there.

Does it work, will I lose weight?

Yes if you follow the program you will lose weight. The average weight loss is 10-15 lbs in the first month.
Most importantly, you will begin a new relationship to food. This is not a fad or quick fix (although it works quickly). This is a change in your relationship to food that can last a lifetime.


The impact of this program is powerful. In one month you'll move from struggling with food issues and constantly dieting to freedom from food and weight obsession.

We offer a structured program and the food to get you started to make weight loss easier (especially while you are just beginning to heal.) Because we know that losing weight and changing habits is a daunting task to do alone.

That said, this program may not be for you.

If you are not satisfied with your results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. (But we will take suggestions if there is something you think we could do better.)

Yes, I want to lose the weight for good.