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Top plant-based transformation stories to inspire your plant-based journey

Written by MamaSezz Team
Plant Based Diet Transformation Stories

Quick Take

If you are having a hard time imaging life beyond junk food, you're not alone. Americans are more and more heavily leaning on junk foods and get more than half their calories from processed and highly processed foods. But there's hope! These 10 individuals featured below decided NO MORE JUNK, and removed processed foods, and animal proteins from their diets altogether. The results? Beyond incredible, from healing chronic diseases, regulating symptoms of non-communicative diseases, to losing massive amounts of weight. Some of these individuals were living with chronic pain and discomfort until they decided to make a change. 

It’s important to note that New Year’s is not the only opportunity to reset yourself, focus on your health, or set goals. With each new sun comes a fresh start! Take advantage of that, and take control of your life now. Use these stories as inspiration, because anyone can make a change if they want it badly enough. You are in the driver's seat and each decision you make can result in bettering your future. Choose to better yourself every day, because you deserve it. 

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10 Amazing Plant-Based Transformation Stories to Inspire Your Year

1. Mark: Hello weight loss, goodbye high blood pressure

Mark struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, peaking at about 232 pounds with high cholesterol. He felt as though his pescetarian diet was healthy, but as he and his wife watched family members get sick one by one, he knew it was time to make a change. In his late 50s he finally went whole food plant-based and the weight melted off...and stayed off! After going plant-based, Mark claims for the first time in his life he has control over his weight and feels on top of the world. For him, sticking to a plant-based diet is not a huge challenge because he feels so incredible. 

Read more about Mark’s weight loss journey.

2. Debbie: This nurse conquers obesity and diabetes

Although Debbie worked in health care as a nurse for 38 years, she was shocked to find out that heart disease and diabetes were not only preventable, but actually reversible. Although she was frustrated that she had not learned this through her nursing degree, she decided to take this newfound information and apply it to her own life, and help heal her patients with it, too. And it worked! Debbie and her husband both lost an incredible amount of weight on a plant-based diet with little effort. Debbie went off her medications (her doctor was shocked at her seemingly miraculous recovery), and has never felt better.

“I’m no longer diabetic!!! I don’t take any pills or injections for blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, or diabetes. I have more energy than when I was young and raising little kiddos more than 30 years ago. I actually enjoy exercising. I am happier. I just plain feel great!”

Learn more about Debbie’s diabetes and obesity recovery.

3. Sandra: Battling obesity and body image

97 percent of women have at least 1 negative thought about their body every single day. Sandra was no exception, as she continuously felt often embarrassed and unattractive because of her obesity. Even worse, she was wildly uncomfortable with nightly migraines, trouble sleeping because of the fat rolls on her neck, frequent Charley horses, unexplained heart palpitations, and constant ravenous thirst. Life felt like a struggle, as she was only 5’2” at 252 pounds. After three major changes in her diet, Sandra realized that she needed to make some internal changes if she wanted her outside changes to stick. 

Often times, people research, “diet for losing weight” and not, “diet for optimal health,” and Sandra was no exception until one day she opened her mouth to speak and it was cotton dry. She realized she needed to research diabetes ASAP and found Dr. Furhman’s book, “The End of Diabetes” and, “Eat to Live” and ordered them at once. She started a Facebook page for accountability, and felt as though she was screwing up a lot. Now Sandra lost ½ her body weight, and is loving her new happy healthy lifestyle! 

Read more about Sandra’s obesity recovery.

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4. Dr. Loomis: The doctor became the patient 

You know Dr. Loomis from The Game Changers, no doubt. He wasn’t always so knowledgeable about a plant-based diet. In his early 50s, Dr. Loomis became a patient himself. He was overweight, developed sleep apnea, which triggered an irregular heart rhythm. His primary care provider put him on a slew of medications and his cholesterol went through the roof. He ended up with borderline diabetes and borderline blood pressure issues, and at this point felt entirely out of control. As a Ph.D himself, Dr. Loomis was seeing world class physicians, but never once was presented with information about diet or lifestyle. 

It was the documentary Forks Over Knives that caught Dr. Loomis’ attention, and actually provoked his 180 degree shift as a doctor. His health improved after going plant-based, and he now treats his patients the way he wished he had been treated: with the option for a lifestyle change to heal his body instead of just medication. 

Watch the video interview with Dr. Loomis here, and get some insight on how to make the shift yourself.

5. Carolyn: Takes on 4 autoimmune disorders with plants

Carolyn suffered from ulcerative colitis, lupus, lyme, and hypothyroidism for over 40 years. She had been on medication, and at points in such crippling pain that she couldn’t move. She felt like she was missing out on life, and although she appeared healthy on the outside, her body was screaming at her. She always believed in lifestyle and naturopathic medicine, and ate a healthy version of the Standard American diet. Even though she had hypothyroidism that often causes weight gain, she was always slim and athletic. She thought she would just live out her life on medication and with chronic pain. 

After discovering that her frequent migraines were caused by an egg allergy, she started eliminating other foods from her diet. Finally, her daughter (who works for MamaSezz!) convinced her to cut out dairy, meat, and gluten. After just a few weeks, Carolyn noticed a huge difference. Today she is 66 years old, off all of her medications (some of which she’d been on for 40 years), down a shoe size due to reduced inflammation, and feels amazing. Her doctors were blown away. 

Read more about how Carolyn healed her autoimmune symptoms.

6. Deitra Dennis: Changing your diet doesn't mean giving up your culture 

Dietra Dennis grew up in the south, and was raised on classic Southern dishes like baked mac and cheese, pork fat collard greens, and lard cooked fried chicken. As a nurse, Detira hadn’t been taught much about the diet-health connection, and always assumed the diseases that “ran in her family” were from genetics alone. A huge part of her deep Southern diet had to do with her culture, and she wasn’t ready to give that up. Some of her favorite recipes had been passed down through generations, and were a way that the family could connect with their roots. 

After going to a few health conferences, Deitra decided to become vegetarian, which didn’t yield much of a health transition for her. After then making the next step to vegan, Deitra lost 60 pounds, and now recreates comfort food dishes from African diaspora roots with a healthy twist. Her recipes are whole food plant based, so her community can keep their culinary culture alive while protecting their bodies from diseases. Deitra has a bundle with MamaSezz and has contributed some of her family's recipes to the MamaSezz product list including her Aunt Mary’s Chick’n Salad, and her Mama Nellie’s Rice Pudding.  

Check out Detira’s full story, and health transition. 


7. Marc: Healing from diabetes, ED, and obesity

As a U Michigan football player, Marc was used to packing on pounds of muscle, and using his size to his advantage. After graduating, he realized he was still packing on the weight, but it wasn’t muscle. He saw his health was plummeting as he received diagnosis after diagnosis. Marc noticed his siblings were unwell. One needed a new kidney, another had to get an amputation, another had diabetes, and another suffered from a heart attack. After being diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, and erectile dysfunction before the age of 40, Marc knew it was time to make a change, and cutting carbs wasn’t doing the trick. 

Everything changed after his in-laws gave his wife Kim and himself a copy of Forks Over Knives. Today Marc and Kim are both plant-based, in the best health of their lives, and run the blog ChickpeaAndBean to help others eat a plant based diet as well. Marc is no longer diabetic, and is off all of his medications. He loves his new diet and looks forward to every meal. 

Learn more about Marc’s incredible recovery.

8. Alexandra: Reversing ulcerative colitis 

Alexandra suffered from ulcerative colitis for most of her adult life. She ate the Standard American diet, and was convinced that diet had absolutely nothing to do with her autoimmune condition. She ate lots of cheese, processed meats, and a few veggies here and there. She was slim, so she thought that was an indication of health. Alexandra was sure that a low-fiber diet would irritate her colon less, so she stuck to it without question. She was in constant pain, and medication only slightly relieved the uncomfortable symptoms. 

Then, after watching a segment on an NFL player that fixed his health issues inspired from reading The China Study, Alexandra checked it out of the library and read it front to back. She was in shock; all of her “genetic” diseases were actually most likely caused by passed down dietary and lifestyle habits. She decided to give it a try and is now in remission off all her medications. 

Here’s how Alexandra did it!

9. Wanda: From an unhealthy vegan to the head of the NHA

Wanda was raised on a small farm, and grew up eating meat and dairy with every meal. She had not heard much about a vegan or even vegetarian diet until she met her husband. When the doctor told her that her 6 year old daughter needed her tonsils removed, she read a book about how sugar and dairy can impact health. She limited her sugar and dairy intake, and her daughter no longer needed the surgery. This was her first hint that there was a missing link in the health care system. Later that year, she attended the National Health Association (NHA) conference, and decided to give a plant-based diet a try. 

She started as a junk food vegan and realized quickly that it wasn’t doing her any favors. She knew she couldn’t go it alone, so she attended True North for some plant-based education and a supervised fast.

Although it was hard at first, Wanda ended up losing 50 pounds on a whole food plant-based diet and feeling like an entirely new person. She now exercises, enjoys life, and loves her plant-based diet. Today, Wanda is the president of the NHA, and helps others to make the change as well.

Learn more about Wanda’s plant-based journey. 

10. Top 10 transformation: Brandon's Story


Now, for one of our FAVORITE plant-based transition …. Brandon! We are partial to this story for two reasons. The first is that in Brandon’s first four weeks he lost 30 pounds without ever once feeling hungry. The second is that Brandon used the MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss program to do so, and to date has lost over 75 pounds. His goal is 100, and he is well on his way! 

This story also stands out, because the reason Brandon wanted to lose weight is so pure. When he looked into his baby daughter’s eyes for the first time, he knew that he had to do whatever it would take to be there for her. And he knew that meant he needed to lose weight. 

Because of his health, he was denied life insurance. He was over 300 pounds and doctors visits were frequent. He was eating fast food regularly, and large quantities too! He was addicted to those foods, and couldn’t stop on his own. Fortunately, his wife had tried the MamaSezz Detox and Reboot Program and had amazing results. He decided to go for the 4-week MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Program, lost 30 pounds, and then used the tools he had gained through the program to continue losing weight. 

Learn more about Brandon’s weight loss journey with MamaSezz and beyond. 


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