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Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet

Written by Ali Donahue
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet

What to do when heart disease takes you by surprise

It's hard to hear the words, "You have heart disease" and not panic.

But it may be the jolt you need to make changes that can dramatically improve your hearts health and your quality of life.

We've been where you are - and a heart disease diagnosis is frightening.

When our founder's 80 year old mother, Millie, had congestive heart failure with less than 10% heart function (EF), we believed she was at the end of her life. Millie was in and out of Intensive Care Units and struggling to breath. 

We brought her home for what we thought were the last 3 months of her life.

We researched everything we could about how to reverse heart disease.

What we found was study after study that showed how a whole food plant-based diet could positively impact heart health and in many cases reverse heart disease.

Food That Heals

We discovered that changing your to a whole food plant-based diet can dramatically improve your heart and artery health and in many cases reverse years of damage.

Study upon study shows that whole food, plant-based meals can prevent and reverse heart disease. You read that right! Plant-based eating is proven to... 
          • reduce cholesterol

          • lower blood pressure

          • lower risk of heart attack (by 25 percent!)

          • lower risk of stroke (by 35 percent!)

          • lower risk of heart failure (by 50 percent!)

With this information we began a quest to cook the healthiest meals for Millie, and with many hours, days and months of experimentation we arrived at a delicious plant based and heart-health focused diet that the whole family began to enjoy.  Eight years later, with Millie's amazing journey back to health getting national media attention, we began getting requests from across the country for our meal plans.  So MamaSezz was born and we are now in the business of providing pre-made delicious healthy meals delivered to people's front door -- ready to heat & eat.

    What if you could get all the protection and support your heart needs?
      Without having to wade through nutrition research…
      Without reading endless food labels…
      Without making all those meal plans…
      Without giving up your days to chopping, chopping, chopping vegetables...

      MamaSezz makes sure you have the best food at hand to give your heart a helping hand.

      We provide fresh, delicious, comforting, ready-made, and thoroughly research-backed meals that protect your heart with the powerful ingredients it needs.

      This is how healthy eating becomes simple and easy. 

      Just heat and eat — and get outta the kitchen!

      Today, Millie is alive and thriving (and swimming and driving and playing with her grandkids) because of a whole food plant-based diet. So this bundle is close to our heart — because we’ve seen it work up close! 

      Click to learn more about the Heart Healthy Meal Bundle
      Top three ways plant-based diets help prevent and reverse heart disease.
      1. Eating plants helps you drop blood cholesterol levels. Why? Because most cholesterol comes from saturated fat found in meat, poultry, and cheese. When you eat more plants, you get very little saturated fat (and zero cholesterol).
      2. Eating animal protein is known to up blood pressure. Guess what doesn’t? Plants! Not only do they have less saturated fats, they are far more nutrient dense. These nutrients and compounds have been shown to protect the heart.
      3. There is evidence that eating more fiber can help prevent strokes. The biggest source of fiber? You got it again — plants.

      And when you stop eating animal protein and processed foods...

        You cut out the refined sugar, extra salt, and saturated fat that all contribute to an unhealthy heart. (And weight gain! And inflammation! And irregular blood sugar! And cellular damage!)

        Download your FREE MamaSezz Ulitmate (little) Guide to Plant-based Eating

          More Heart Healthy Bundle Testimonials

          "My sister recommended that I try eating a whole food plant-based diet. She already had our mother eating this way and we were all shocked that it had reversed her heart disease, surprising her cardiologist. I thought I should at least give it a try.

          Within three months of changing to this way of eating, and working with my doctor to taper my medication, my high blood pressure was back into the normal range and has stayed normal for two years…even with the stress of running a small business and selling our house and moving."

          -Sue S.

          “My BP was 186/110 my Triglycerides were off the charts and my Cholesterol was 299. I started eating a whole food plant-based diet and went back to my doctor. He said, what are you doing? Your results are unbelievable. BP 132/84, Triglycerides perfect, Cholesterol 70. "

          -Ron M.

          Every Healthy Heart Bundle box gives you meals specially designed to help protect your heart.

          Take a peek inside this powerhouse box...

          And we promise — you won’t find any B.S. You know, the Bad Stuff that your heart doesn’t need!

          All MamaSezz meals are…

          Vegan, Oil-free, Gluten-free, Low sodium or salt-free (look for SOS for no salt)
          No refined sugar, No wheat, No meat, No Dairy.No GMOs, No preservatives, Peanut-free and Sesame-free

            You don’t even need instructions for MamaSezz meals (plates are optional too). When we say heat-and-eat and go play, we mean it!

            Click to get your Heart Healthy Meals

            You've probably heard of someone, and maybe it is you, who looks great, seems very fit, but ends up having a heart attack. Sadly the story is not that uncommon. Real health can not always be seen from the outside.


            "Even though I looked healthy, my blood pressure was stroke level high..."

            We hear this time and again. People who thought they were healthy — marathon runners! alpine skiers! careful eaters! — find out that their cholesterol or blood pressure is sky-high.

            Take our founder’s sister, Sue. Fit, energetic, upbeat, and full of life, Sue was dogged by hypertension for nearly 15 years.

            She did everything her doctors suggested: ate a balanced diet with no salt, exercised, tried to get enough sleep, made lifestyle changes. Nevertheless, her blood pressure didn’t stabilize.

            Skeptical, but always up for trying something new, Sue gradually worked MamaSezz meals into her days until she was 100 percent eating a whole food, plant-based diet.

            Over the course of three months her blood pressure stabilized. Now Sue’s off blood pressure medication entirely!

            MamaSezz plant-based meals make healthy eating simple, easy, and delicious. That’s a surprise your heart will love.

            … and there’s more

            We do so much more than cook for you at MamaSezz. 

            Along with the meal plans, shopping lists, and information, we’re your support group and cheering squad. Plus...

            • You get a full guarantee for our food. If you are not happy we will refund your money.
            • You are absolutely welcome at our table. We feed people just like you.
            • You can send containers and packaging back to us for free and we’ll recycle them.
            • You get great-tasting whole food, plant-based meals made to the highest standards. No other company does that. This is the gold standard of plant-based meals!



            "In 2012, despite all my hard work, I was diagnosed with heart disease. I was told I was at double the risk for a cardiac event, even though I was otherwise living a healthy lifestyle. My doctor recommended statins but said nothing about other options or potential changes to my diet. Still, my wife and I began to do our own research, and we decided to try a plant-based diet.

            Within three months, I reversed my heart disease.

            Let me say it again: I reversed my heart disease with the help of a plant-based diet."

            -Larry P.


            "We found everything to be tasty in the Heart Healthy Bundle. We are vegans following a low sodium-fat diet no processed sugar. We have met Dr. Esselstyn and know this follows his guidelines. Kudos to you for making these foods tastes so good without added oil or sugar. "

            -John & Claudia


            Come on over to MamaSezz and give your heart the best food for a lifetime.


            The information and other content provided in this post, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.



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