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10 Plant-Based Breakfasts In Under 10 Minutes

Written by Caroline DiNicola Fawley
10 Plant-Based Breakfasts In Under 10 Minutes

Quick Synopsis

Rushing in the mornings? Don’t let your healthy lifestyle get derailed because you can’t think of enough plant-based breakfast ideas. Mama’s got your back. All 10 of these whole food plant-based breakfast recipes have fewer than 10 ingredients and can be made in under 10 minutes.

The Full Story

Busy weekdays throwing off your healthy plant-based breakfast plans? If you’ve got 10 minutes (and you do) you can ditch the drive-through in favor of these 10 quick and healthy breakfast recipes. Best of all, each of these plant-based breakfast recipes has 10 ingredients or fewer, so you get your day off to a great start without losing precious sleep time to meal prep.

10 Plant-Based Breakfasts in Under 10 Minutes

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

MamaSezz eat your dessert for breakfast. So channel your inner kid and kick off the day with this thick and creamy breakfast “milkshake,” without milk, of course. This Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie is a MamaSezz Heartbeet Gang favorite, with zero refined sugar plus tons plant-based protein, potassium, and flavor!

2. Very Berry Oatmeal

Prefer to stick with the classics? Step up your oatmeal game with this heart-healthy breakfast, ready in minutes and filled with the fiber you need to stay full until lunch. Scoop 1 cup of oats into a microwave-safe bowl. Add 2 cups of water or plant-based milk, a few tablespoons of ground flaxseed, a dash of sea salt (optional), then toss in some frozen berries. Microwave for 1-2 minutes, or until oats absorb most of the liquid.

Have a sweet tooth? Add some date syrup or finely chopped dates.

3. Loaded Avocado Toast

You don’t need to spend $12 on avocado toast! Make this trendy brunch item at home in minutes. Toast 100% whole grain toast then top with a thin spread of dijon mustard before loading it up with sliced avocado, bits of thinly sliced red onion, and fresh arugula.

For an extra protein boost: Add a few tablespoons of hummus before topping with avocado.

4. Protein Power Oatmeal

Energize your day with this souped-up oatmeal recipe. Scoop 1 cup of oats into a microwave-safe bowl. Add 2 cups of water or plant-based milk. Add ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 Tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and a few teaspoons of flaxseed. Microwave 1-2 minutes, or until oats absorb most of the liquid. Slice a banana over the top and enjoy!  

5. Creamy Vegan Green Smoothie

A MamaSezz Heartbeet Gang favorite, this Creamy Vegan Green Smoothie is the perfect gateway recipe for green smoothie newbies. Just four ingredients make for quick prep time, plus this easy plant-based breakfast recipe’s got plenty of protein to keep you energized all morning.

6. Nut Butter Banana Toast

Kid-friendly and healthy? You betcha! Even the pickiest (and smallest) eaters at your table with this quick plant-based breakfast recipe. Just toast up some 100% whole grain bread and top with all-natural peanut butter, raisins, sliced banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s the simple things in life, guys.

7. Antioxidant Blueberry Shake

Time to load up on antioxidants! Thick and creamy, this dairy-free blueberry smoothie is the perfect amount of sweet, without the refined sugar crash. Its beautiful purple hue will make you second-guess that half the ingredients are green -- making it the perfect recipe for “sneaking” greens past your little ones.

8. MamaSezz Veggie Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sausage without the saturated fat and cholesterol? Heck yes! MamaSezz Veggie Sausage is protein-packed and made with the traditional seasonings you love but none of the B.S. (you know...Bad Stuff).

While delicious on their own, the party really gets started when you toss these vegan patties in a whole food plant-based breakfast sandwich. Try it between two slices of whole grain toast, a bit of dijon mustard, a dash of our MamaSezz Real Ketchup (no refined sugar, of course), a thin slice of red onion, and a hearty slice of avocado. Add a little steamed or fresh spinach for a nutrient boost!

Feeling creative? Drizzle some of our dairy-free Mama’s Mac Sauce over the top. Yeah… doesn’t get much better than that.

9. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Oatmeal hogs the spotlight but quinoa makes one heck of a breakfast grain, too. This naturally gluten-free seed (OK yes, it’s a seed, not a grain) was actually originally used as a breakfast cereal way back when (like 2000 B.C. “back when”). Mix it up with some plant-based milk, cinnamon, nuts and seeds, and microwave until warm. Sweeten the pot with some date syrup or finely chopped dates!

10. MamaSezz Granola Porridge

Porridge gets a bad rap. But this two-ingredient breakfast porridge is the furthest thing from the gruel in Oliver Twist. Sweet and filling -- and ready in four minutes -- this dairy-free recipe isn’t just tasty, it’s filled to the brim with nutrients, like omega-3s, fiber, and protein. And the best part? It's only 2 ingredients - MamaSezz Granola and unsweetened non-dairy milk! Dress it up with coconut flakes, dried or fresh fruit, chia seeds, whatever sounds good!

Bonus: 4 Plant-Based Breakfasts Ready in 3 Min and Under

Really really rushing? We hear you - life gets busy! Fortunately, Mama’s got your back with our ready-made dishes. We cook and deliver whole food plant-based goodness to your door. All you have to do is heat and eat. Easy, right? That’s the goal! Try out these plant-based breakfast faves:

1. MamaSezz Turmeric Chickpea Scramble

Savory breakfast fans: there is life beyond eggs! Our cholesterol-free Turmeric Chickpea Scramble is ready to eat in 3 minutes and can be enjoyed as is or tossed in a whole grain wrap for a hearty and healthy plant-based breakfast on-the-go.

2. MamaSezz Veggie Sausage

The best thing about our Veggie Sausage? The endless possibilities! We already shared our whole food plant-based sandwich recipe above but you won’t want to miss out on more of our favorite ways to use these ready-made vegan breakfast patties here.

3. MamaSezz Scalloped Potatoes

Yes, our creamy non-dairy Scalloped Potatoes makes for a scrumptious (and crowd-pleasing) side. But here’s a pro tip from the MamaSezz Heartbeet Gang: try ‘em for breakfast. Seriously, do it! Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter - always delicious.

4. MamaSezz Black Bean Bowl

Busy calendar? Fuel up with our Black Bean Bowl. Already prepared and loaded with plant-based protein and heart-healthy fiber to keep you full and satisfied no matter what the day throws your way.


A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to mean lengthy meal prep sessions. With these 10 easy plant-based breakfast recipes you’ll have a nutritious and tasty breakfast ready in under 10 minutes:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie  
  • Very Berry Oatmeal
  • Loaded Avocado Toast
  • Protein Power Oatmeal
  • Green Mountain Power Smoothie
  • Nut Butter Banana Toast
  • Antioxidant Blueberry Shake
  • MamaSezz Veggie Sausage Breakfast Sandwich
  • Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
  • MamaSezz Granola Porridge
  • BONUS: Or let MamaSezz make breakfast by getting ready-made whole food plant-based dishes, delivered. You just heat, eat, and go on about your busy day!

About MamaSezz

MamaSezz delivers hearty, delicious, prepared, ready to eat, whole food plant-based meals to your door that are:

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  • Vegan, Oil-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, No Preservatives, & Gluten-Free
  • Made Fresh to Order - Never Frozen
  • Ready to Heat & Eat - No Chopping
  • Salt-Free & Soy-Free Options

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