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Clean-out-the-fridge easy vegan sandwich recipe

Running out of lunch ideas as your fridge empties out? Time to make a sandwich! 

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Plant Based Sandwich mamasezz tuna ish

Easy vegan summer lunch: Lemon avocado chickpea salad

Let’s face it; sometimes it’s just too hot to cook. Instead of ordering takeout, try this lemon avocado chickpea salad. There is no stove or oven required with this healthy and delicious plant-based recipe! It’s creamy, refreshing and a bit spicy (from the garlic). Enjoy it over greens, or on whole-grain bread. Either way, it’s easy to make and packed with healthy veggies and spices. Serves: 4 Cook time: 10 minutes Ingredients 1 can garbanzo beans 1 ripe avocado 1 lemon (juice) 1 TBS ground mustard seed ½ tsp celery seed 2 teaspoons dill 1 garlic clove 3 celery stalks,...

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