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Hypertension? Lower your blood pressure with these 5 delicious plant-based diet recipes

Written by Ali Donahue
Hypertension? Lower your blood pressure with these 5 delicious plant-based diet recipes

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1 in 3 Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure) and nearly half of Americans have some form of heart disease. And we know COVID-19 poses a greater risk for these folks, and others living with underlying diseases (1). While it's understandable if that information causes stress for anyone living with these conditions, there is good news. A plant-based diet is can help prevent and treat hypertension (2).

Not sure what plant-based foods to eat for hypertension? Our MamaSezz team has rounded up 5 of our favorite plant-based diet recipes that help to lower blood pressure.

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Why does COVID-19 post a greater risk for those with high blood pressure or heart disease?

Why does a plant-based diet help with hypertension?

6 recipes to help lower your blood pressure

Why does COVID-19 post a greater risk for those with high blood pressure or heart disease?

According to the Cleveland Clinic:

The new coronavirus is a respiratory disease, meaning it mostly affects the lungs. But when the lungs aren’t working at full steam, the heart has to work harder to pump oxygen-rich blood around the body. That added stress can be dangerous for people with heart disease. (3)

While being in the "high risk" category doesn't necessary mean you'll get COVID-19 or that if you do, you'll become seriously ill. That said, one of the best things you can do (in addition to following these COVID-19 precautions) is to look to your plate and add more immunity-boosting plant-based foods to your diet.

Why does a plant-based diet help with hypertension?

A plant-based diet can help build up your immune system naturally. And when it comes to heart disease and hypertension, it seems low sodium and potassium-rich plant-based foods may be particularly beneficial. 

Potassium can help your body get rid of excess sodium and ease pressure on your blood vessels. Plant-based foods high in potassium include: 

  • Bananas
  • Mangoes
  • Leafy greens
  • Melons
  • Avocados
  • Oranges
  • Apricots
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Beans

5 recipes to help lower your blood pressure

1. No oil vegan banana bread muffins recipe

banana bread muffins

When many of us hear potassium we think of bananas. One banana has about 12% of your daily requirement of this important mineral. And while we love to eat bananas as is, we're also big fans of plant-based baked goods. These banana bread muffins are super moist and made with only whole food plant-based ingredients (no refined sugar!). Omit the pinch of salt for a salt-free version.

Make no oil vegan banana bread muffins

2. Dairy-free mango summer smoothie recipe

mango smoothie

This dairy-free smoothie is loaded with potassium thanks to the mangoes, plus the turmeric and black pepper act together as a powerful antioxidant to help with inflammation. 

Make dairy-free mango summer smoothie 

3. 2-ingredient creamy vegan tomato soup

creamy vegan soup

Adding tomatoes to your plant-based diet is a fast way to get more potassium. And it doesn't get much easier than this creamy vegan tomato soup. Just blend together MamaSezz Mama's Mac Sauce and MamaSezz Oil-Free No Salt Marinara Sauce and voila lunch!

Make this creamy vegan tomato soup

4. Green goddess stuffed sweet potato

green goddess stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, white beans, and leafy greens make this a potassium-packed lunch to add to your plant-based diet. It's also loaded with plant-based protein to help you feel satiated until dinner.

Make green goddess stuffed sweet potatoes

5. MamaSezz Strong Heart Beets Nice Cream

beet nice cream

Made from MamaSezz Strong Heart Beets and frozen bananas, this rose-colored dessert is naturally sweet and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, the works! The bananas give you the potassium boost and the dietary nitrates in beets dilate your blood vessels and can lower blood pressure in a matter of hours (4).

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By Ali Brown

Ali is a mom, wife, and nutrition and lifestyle writer and editor. She has her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

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