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10 last minute healthy vegan Thanksgiving recipes (that omnivores will gobble up, too)

Written by Ali Brown
10 last minute healthy vegan Thanksgiving recipes (that omnivores will gobble up, too)

Not a planner? No biggie. You can still throw a delicious vegan Thanksgiving dish together with little time and few ingredients thanks to these easy and delicious last minute vegan Thanksgiving recipes. The best part? Everyone at your table (yep – even your most meat and potato friends!) will ask for seconds, trust us! 

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10 last minute vegan Thanksgiving recipes

Vegan Thanksgiving appetizers and plant-based sides

1. Classic green beans with almonds 

Green Beans

Can you even have Thanksgiving without green beans? This vegan Thanksgiving side dish is always on our holiday table because it's classic and so stinkin' easy it's not even funny. And the almonds give it a beautiful presentation, if you ask us. 

2. Coconut mashed sweet potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Image and recipe from Running on Real Food

Is it a side or is it a dessert? That's up to you – whatever it is, it's absolutely delicious and 100% percent whole food plant-based, to boot. These coconut mashed sweet potatoes are fluffy, sweet, and gone fast!

3. Walnut French onion gravy 

french onion gravy

Finally, a thick, creamy vegan gravy that rivals the original. This Walnut French onion gravy is like your favorite dip and Thanksgiving fixin’ joined forces, without the cholesterol or food coma. Pour over mashed or baked potatoes, drizzle over your quinoa bowl, use to dress your sandwich. Whatever floats your gravy boat.

4. Orange maple cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce

Image and recipe from Feasting at Home

You don't need a turkey to enjoy cranberry sauce, trust us! This delicious and super easy vegan cranberry sauce uses maple syrup for sweetener and is delicious paired with your favorite vegan dishes – or simply use it as jam the next morning :) 

Vegan Thanksgiving main dishes

5. Easy vegan stuffed acorn squash 

stuffed squash

Acorn squash is kind of the MVP of vegan Thanksgiving mains. It's hearty, filling, and takes way less cook-time than a turkey! This easy vegan Thanksgiving recipe is ready in 45 minutes and uses a super simple homemade whole grain stuffing as the filling. 

6. Vegan Mushroom Tetrazzini

vegan tetrazzini

Think outside the box this Thanksgiving and whip up this creamy, flavorful meal that'll make you forget all about casseroles of yore. This easy recipe for vegan mushroom tetrazzini features some of our most popular MamaSezz products: Hungarian Mushroom Soup, and Mama's Mac Sauce. Plus, it's loaded with protein, potassium, and immunity-boosting micronutrients!  

7. Vegan Portobello Instant Pot Pot Roast

Image and recipe from A Virtual Vegan

Can vegans eat pot roasts? Yes they certainly can when they whip up this portobello pot roast in their instant pot! Bonus: it's ready in just 25 minutes for a quick and easy vegan Thanksgiving main the whole fam will love. 

Vegan Thanksgiving desserts (refined sugar–free!)

8. Whole food plant-based pecan pie 

wfpb pecan pie recipe

Want to indulge this holiday season...without the sugar crash? You can enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving desserts – and you don't have to compromise your health to do it. Say hello to your new vegan Thanksgiving BFF: whole food plant-based pecan pie. Sure, it's made with whole foods, like fruits and nuts, but don't let that fool you, it has the same ol' familiar sticky, syrupy, molassesy, buttery flavor you crave.  

9. No-bake vegan pumpkin pie 

vegan pumpkin pie

Don't want to forgo your favorite Thanksgiving dessert just because you went plant-based? Well good news: you don't have to! Whip up these super simply no-bake recipe for vegan pumpkin pie (and thank us later!). 

10. Healthy vegan apple crisp 

wfpb apple crisp

 Yes, there is such a thing as healthy apple crisp – but you'd never know it by the taste of this recipe! Made with maple or date syrup instead of refined sugar, this oil-free vegan apple crisp comes together fast and pleases a crowd. 

Welp, there ya have it! Healthy last-minute vegan Thanksgiving recipes you can make when you're running against the clock. 


By Ali Brown

Ali is a mom, wife, and nutrition and lifestyle writer and editor. She has her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

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