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10 Low Calorie Plant-Based Recipes

Written by Ali Donahue
10 Low Calorie Plant-Based Recipes

Trying to lose weight on a whole food plant-based diet? Sounds like a great plan! After all, plant-based eaters tend to have lower BMIs than their meat and cheese eating counterparts. Why? Plant-based foods are naturally lower in calories than many animal products. Plus plants are full of fiber, which helps keep our digestion in check, our blood sugars regulated, and unhealthy weight gain at bay. 

If weight loss is one of your healthy lifestyle goals, these 10 low calorie plant-based recipes are a great place to start.

10 Low Calorie Plant-Based Recipes

1. Vegan Zoodles

A quick and easy weeknight dinner if there ever was one! We love this tasty oil-free dijon mustard dressing because it adds major flavor, a little zip, and zero unnecessary calories. (Read more about the benefits of cutting out oil here.) Don’t have any zucchini? Go off script! This recipe can be made with just about any spiralized veggie. 

2. Vegan Fried Rice

Bet you never thought fried rice would be part of your weight loss strategy, huh? But without the oil (and fried meats), this recipe comes in at just 180 calories per serving, making it a great low calorie plant-based meal or side the whole family can get behind.

3. Mushroom Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed peppers get all the glory, but stuffed tomatoes are another delicious and nutritious way to enjoy the bounty of your summer garden. 

4. Chipotle Black Bean Avocado Toast

Spice up your avocado toast game with this low calorie and high fiber breakfast. And thanks to the whole grains and black beans, you’ll stay full and energetic until lunch. 

5. Lemon Avocado Chickpea Salad 

Did you know mashed chickpeas make a great sandwich filler? Well, now you do! With 10 grams of protein and 250 calories, this is a sandwich filling you can feel darn good about. Make extra to share :)

6. Maple Tahini Quinoa Wrap

Skip the processed wraps and grab some cabbage instead! Yep, you read that right. This cruciferous vegetable makes a great sandwich wrap. It’s low in calories and high in nutrients, like vitamins K and C, folate, and manganese. Try it for yourself with this low calorie lunch.

7. Vegan Quinoa Lunch Bowl with Broccoli and Mushrooms

One of our favorite recipes to batch cook for healthy meals all week long, this hearty lunch bowl will fill you up without weighing you down. Mix it up by trying different dressings here are some of our 5 favorite oil-free dressings to whip up at home.

8. Loaded Dairy-Free Black Bean Soup

Black beans are a great staple to add to your plant-based diet for weight loss; they’re high in fiber and low in fat. A winning combo if there ever was one. And this loaded dairy-free black bean soup is so filling you won’t believe it’s only 350 calories. Pro tip: add a healthy drizzle of our dairy-free Mama’s Mac Sauce in lieu of sour cream and eat up! 

9. Oil-Free Falafel Bites

When not fried or smothered in dairy, falafel makes a healthy low calorie appetizer or lunch. Best of all? You can whip up a batch of this oil-free falafel in less than 25 minutes. 

10. Cinnamon Chocolate Shake

A dessert you can feel good about, this Cinnamon Chocolate Shake is thick and creamy  and 100% dairy-free. Proving once again that frozen bananas are a plant-based eaters best friend. Oh, and with just 130 calories, it’s a great low calorie treat or a tasty grab-and-go breakfast for those who like to start the day with something sweet (and a little spicy). 

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