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10 Best Plant Based Protein Recipes

Written by meg donahue
Black Bean Soup plant-based meals

Quick Synopsis

Trying to incorporate more plant-based protein in your life? We’ve got the scoop on the plant-based protein (how much you need and where to get it), plus 10 of our favorite plant-based protein recipes to whip up at home. Eat up!

The Full Story

Can you get enough protein on a vegan diet? And does plant-based protein provide the same nutritional benefits as animal protein? We’re happy to report science says yes and yes!

Not only do plant-based eaters have more than enough protein in their diets, but there are also so many high-protein, plant-based foods that will bring joy to your plate, from beans and legumes to tofu and quinoa (to name a few). Oh, and plant-based protein does indeed provide the same complete amino acids and nutritional benefits as animal protein so we can put that vegan myth to rest. Not to mention whole food plant-based protein sources are more nutritious than animal sources.

Whew! So you’re all set on the plant-based protein front.

Now all you need are some delicious and easy plant-based protein recipes to get you started. Luckily, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites.

10 Plant-Based Protein Recipes

1. Broccoli Raisin Salad

Move over lettuce, there’s a heartier base for your beautiful salad -- broccoli! High in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and especially protein, this 100% dairy-free broccoli raisin salad is as nutritious as it is delicious. One of the things we love is that when you mince broccoli it is more delicious (for those of you who are not fans of this cruciferous beauty). Bring some high plant-based protein broccoli salad to your next potluck and see for yourself how quickly it disappears.

2. 2-Ingredient Plant-Based Breakfast Porridge

Don’t sell the old Goldilocks favorite short. Porridge is a delicious plant-powered way to start your day! And this plant-based porridge recipe is loaded with omega-3s, fiber, plus -- you guessed it -- protein. Oh, and don’t worry about setting the alarm earlier for morning meal prep; with only two ingredients and less than five minutes of prep and cook time, this breakfast is perfect for rushed mornings.

3. Creamy Mushroom Quinoa with Vegan Alfredo

Delightfully creamy and delicious, this plant-based protein recipe contains zero dairy. Thanks to our world-famous Mama’s Mac Sauce (our favorite non-dairy alfredo sauce) it doesn’t need any!

4. Loaded Dairy-Free Black Bean Soup

Quick, easy, and budget-friendly, this vegan black bean soup recipe is your new go-to vegan comfort food. Plus, it’s ready in 35 minutes, so it’s great for batch cooking or a quick weeknight meal. Pro tip: add a healthy dollop of Mama’s Mac Sauce before serving. You can thank us later.

5. Raw Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough

Let’s be honest here - the best part about making cookies is eating the dough! But the Salmonella risk can really throw a monkey wrench in a good time. Luckily, you can eat a whole tub of raw cookie dough without feeling guilty...or getting sick! Our plant-based protein-rich (and 100% vegan) chickpea cookie dough is made to be enjoyed raw and will satisfy those cookie dough cravings in the healthiest way possible -- no refined sugar (or Salmonella) in sight.

6. Vegan Walnut Pesto Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Have a little extra meal prep time? This plant-based protein recipe is perfect for when you feel like going the extra mile in your kitchen. Eye-catching, delicious, and loaded with vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron (in addition to protein).

7. Kid-Friendly Plant-Based Breakfast Panini

Picky eater in your household? Your morning just got easier, parents! This easy breakfast panini isn’t just kid-approved, it’s loaded with protein, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants so you’ll be just as happy to make them as your kids will be to eat them.

8. Healthy Apple Crisp

Don’t believe the rumors - you don’t have to give up dessert when you go plant-based! This vegan apple crisp is a delicious example of just that. Perfect for holidays, get-togethers, family dessert nights, or just as a tasty way to unwind at the end of a long day, this plant-based dessert satiates your sweet tooth without refined sugar.

9. Cinnamon Chocolate Shake

While we’re on the subject of about dessert as your vegan breakfast solution? With just six healthy ingredients, this plant-based cinnamon chocolate shake is great for rushed mornings when sweet sounds better than savory.

10. Protein-Packed Cinnamon Quinoa Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Oatmeal gets all the glory but quinoa is making a name for itself in the vegan breakfast world. See what all the hubbub is about and kickstart your long day with this hearty breakfast bowl. It’s got 14 grams of plant-based protein per serving so you can rest assured you’ll be plant-powered and ready to tackle anything on your to-do list.

No time to cook?

No worries - Mama’s got your back with plenty of high-protein plant-based meals, delivered to your door ready to heat and eat. Pretty sweet, huh?

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Key Takeaways

You can get plenty of protein on a plant-based diet! And plants are actually a healthier source of protein than animal products, so whip up some of the recipes listed above and go play!

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