Recipes — whole food plant-based

vegan plant based black bean bowl

Budget-friendly pantry recipe: black bean bowl

This recipe is simple, inexpensive, and highly nutrient-dense...and made with plant-based pantry staples.

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Rice and Beans done better

Sick of rice and beans? 6 ways to elevate this classic pantry meal

Pantry recipes don't have to be boring! Mix things up with these variations on a pantry classic.

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plant based lunches for kids

5 quick kid-friendly vegan lunch recipes

Each recipe here takes very little time to prepare, is healthy, and can be made gluten free! 

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plant based recipe using frozen ingredients

3 plant-based recipes using only frozen ingredients and pantry staples

Our go-to recipes featuring the frozen foods and plant-based pantry staples you've got on hand. 

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