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plant based lunches for kids

5 quick kid-friendly vegan lunch recipes

Each recipe here takes very little time to prepare, is healthy, and can be made gluten free! 

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plant based recipe using frozen ingredients

3 plant-based recipes using only frozen ingredients and pantry staples

Our go-to recipes featuring the frozen foods and plant-based pantry staples you've got on hand. 

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vegan meals delivered chocolate pie recipe mamasezz

Plant-Based Chocolate Pie with Gluten-Free Peanut Crust

A plant-powered dessert recipe that's high in protein with zero refined sugar. Heck yes!

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vegan meals delivered stuffed potatoes mamasezz

5 Plant-Based Recipes For Visible Weight Loss

Quick Take Losing weight can feel like a rollercoaster of deprivation, false promises, obsession, and disappointment. That's because we often go for the cheap and easy quick-fix, like a fad diet, instead of assessing the unhealthy habits associated with our lifestyle. And hey - we get it; lifestyle changes are tough (at first). The good news is you can boost your longevity and stabilize your weight, for good with a whole food plant-based diet. And these 5 easy recipes will help you get started. On this Page Why eating more plants will boost your health (and help you lose weight for good) 5...

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