Recipes — kid friendly

veggie burger bowl

High protein vegan burger bowl with ranch dressing

It's 2020 - time the veggie burger got a makeover, don't you think? Introducing: the vegan burger bowl. You're welcome!

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dairy free ice cream

Dairy free ice cream 3 ways (plus our favorite vegan sundae sauces) 

Dairy-free and missing ice cream? We're about to make your summer with these easy refined sugar free vegan recipes.

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vegan potato salad

Healthy vegan ranch potato salad (no oil!)

It's picnic season and this healthy twist on an old favorite is the perfect dish to bring to your plant-based picnic or cookout.

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vegan meals delivered mamasezz banana nut muffins

No oil vegan banana bread muffins recipe

These healthy and just-the-right-amount-of sweet muffins are made with only whole food plant-based ingredients. 

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